How to Backup your Facebook Account so you Don’t Lose All your Files

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Without any warning at all, Facebook can, may, and do delete pages. It is not amusing and obviously not without reasons.

Sometimes Facebook Page Owners may receive a caution message from Facebook that may alert them to the fact that they’re actually in breach of its terms and conditions.

You may have received such an email message that causes you to get that sickening feeling in the pit of your stomach; a message that notifies you that your page has been disabled and is no longer available.

Other Facebook page owners may not be so lucky, they may try to log in one day, and discover that their page is either missing, completely gone, and usually without any notification.

In this post you will find out what you can do if this occurs to you, and most importantly how you can avoid this occurring in the first instance.

If Facebook and Twitter can shut down Donald Trump they can do it to you too

What You Can Do to Get Your Facebook Page Back

  1. If you believe that your Facebook Page has been hacked or you accidentally deleted the page yourself, complete this form on Facebook’s website to let them know about the issues you are having. With luck Facebook may respond to you through email to provide you a solution to rectify the situation. Bear in mind that you may not get a response but it is well worth a shot.
  1. This step you need to have performed before you ever encounter any problems with your social media accounts. You need to backup and sync your social media accounts to your own private web hosting account.

Not many people know that they can backup and sync their social media accounts privately because this service is often offered by third-party service providers and are not advertised much.

Here at WebSavänt Hosting all our Web Hosting Plans and Servers comes freely with SocialSync –Social Media Backup Service that allows you to:

  • own and control your social media content
  • get free and secure social media backups
  • sync and backup your Facebook and Instagram Accounts; and
  • automatically create a website with your social media content

This service is currently only available for Facebook and Instagram Accounts, other social media platforms will be added shortly.

Overview of the SocialSync Dashboard

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Automatically Create your own Website with your Content

websavant hosting socialsync create your own website image

Support for Multiple Social Networks

websavant hosting socialsync support for multiple social networks

The Next Step is yours

Now that you know what to do, the next step is yours. Like they say prevention is always better than cure, sign up for any of WebSavänt Hosting Plans and get SocialSync absolutely free.

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